Wedding Gloves

Apart from wedding tradition, a pair of gloves is a sophisticated accessory that signifies the bride’s special status—a princess with privileges. Whether you want to fulfil your royal fantasy, or you like to add some elegance to your look, wedding gloves will make your “I Do” moment more romantic.


Lace or silk, long or short, our wedding gloves UK collection will make sure you’ll look spectacular whatever the weather. When choosing your perfect wedding gloves, make sure they match your personal style and complement your wedding dress. As our stylish trick, the more elaborate your wedding dress is the more classic in style your wedding gloves must be, and the simpler your wedding dress is the more style details you can add to your wedding gloves.


If you’re looking for that ‘fairy tale’ wedding with lace, frills, and the ball gown to match, our satin bridal gloves with two bows in an elbow length will make your happily ever-after come true. But if you prefer a more royal and modern look, our lace wedding gloves in long elbow length can be the perfect one for you. Its classic silhouette and intricate lace exude elegance and old world charm, giving you a timeless look. 


Elaborate wedding gowns will look balanced with understated gloves like our lace bridal gloves in a vintage style. On the other hand, simple gowns will look great with elaborate style gloves like our satin lace gloves with sequins and our tulle wedding gloves with sparkly crystals and beads. For a flirty, feminine style, opt for our lace wedding gloves in wrist length with bow accent, adding some playful touch to your bridal looks.


Traditionally, wedding gloves come in the shades of white such as off white, cream, and ivory, but going for a bold shade can give you a modern, fashion-forward statement. Our long elbow length wedding gloves are available in red and white that can give you an empowered look.


So, have your pick in our wedding gloves UK collection, and be that bride you dreamed to be.


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