Bridal Necklace Set

Your wedding gown may be the star of the show, but the right jewellery can elevate your bridal looks and add some personality to the occasion. So, how do you pick the perfect jewellery for your wedding? We have a lot of bridal set necklace and earrings that will suit your personal taste and wedding style.


Wedding hair flowers and bridal hair vines may be a great option for a bohemian-inspired wedding, and going for pearl and floral details on your jewellery can also give a romantic and effortless vibe, adding natural elements to your lovely style. Our pearl floral necklace with pearl drop earrings wedding bridal set will look perfect with an ethereal wedding dress, giving you an unbelievably charming look.


Complement your wedding tiaras and princess-like crowns with our tear drop shape locket necklace pendant with ring and gold earrings that will add a royal touch to any wedding styles. This is a 3-piece set available in black, blue, green, silver, red and purple stones that will add some glamour to your wedding look. If you’re looking for simple elegance, yet a modern classic statement, our tear drop locket necklace with hooped earrings set is perfect for you. Available in red and diamond-like stones, the jewellery set completes your timeless bridal look.


Looking for traditional inspired jewellery? Our charm crystal tear drop pendant necklace with earrings completes your age-old wedding tradition, while adding some pops of color to your wedding gown. Available in red, teal, and green, the jewellery set creates a striking statement without overpowering your look.


For a romantic and stunning bridal statement, go for bejewelled necklaces. Our sparkling rhinestone crystal necklace earrings set charm jewellery set is available in red and diamond-like stones that will give you a sophisticated look. It takes the romantic level of your bridal look up a notch, making it the perfect bridal jewellery for any trendy bride.


A great thing our bridal set of necklace and earrings can also take you from parties to anniversaries, adding a feminine touch to your look.

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